Worship is more than singing to a CD, it is meant to be an experience that lasts a lifetime.

I have strong feelings when it comes to music and children. It takes more than a CD with cool graphics and children's voices to get me excited. We live in an age where the children listen to their own music on MP3 players and iPods. I believe that the music used for children's ministry and for worship needs to appeal to their tastes and their style as well as have a strong message. If we can connect the music to the children, then worship will be more than just a Sunday morning event, it will be a lifetime experience.

Below, we have listed some of our favorites along a brief review of the products. Many of these are recommended for the Kidco Labs series to help add power to the praise and worship time of each service as well as a energy to the environment during games, activities and special events. We recommend that you do an online search for the various products to find the best prices from different vendors.


Hillsong has been producing quality worship music for adults for many years. Now they have a series of worship music for children available on DVD and CD of the same high quality we've come to expect. Currently, they have 3 that are available with a fourth releasing soon. The best part is that we were able to buy these online for about $12-15 each.

Each of the DVD's comes with a "play all" feature to watch the live worship recorded with the Hillsong Children's worship team singing in front of a live audience. There is also a "sing-along" area where the songs play with cool graphics and animations. You can choose the songs individually or in worship sets that contain three songs— one high-energy praise song, one moderate tempo praise/worship song and a slower worship song. These sets are perfect because they play all three songs without having to make adjustments and transition seamlessly. If you are using a projector and computer, all the work has been done for you so you have time to worship along side the kids with songs that the children will really love singing.


Released in 2005, this is the first of the Hillsongs Live Worship for Kids. It contains 15 songs and 5 worship sets that make leading worship a breeze. The DVD also offers suggestions for hand motions that can be taught to the children to do as they sing each song. The songs can be played with or without the lead vocals to allow you or your worship leader the freedom to choose.


The CD and DVD were released in 2006 and are even higher quality than their first album. It contains 15 new songs and 5 worship sets, as well as all the same features as before. The DVD also allows for the songs to be played with full vocals or as a background track for your own vocals.

Supernatural was released in 2007 as the third in the series, and again they have increased the quality of the product. There are 12 songs and 4 worship sets included along with hand gestures and a few video features that can be used as part of your service.

INTEGRITY MUSIC   (online resource)

Integrity Media is a privately held media communications company that produces, publishes and distributes Christian music, films and related materials that are sold throughout the United States and in over 160 other countries.


This CD series has been very popular and features children versions of many of the worship songs sung in adult services. They now offer each of there CD's in a DVD version with graphics, animations and words. The only problem that I had with the DVD series is that you have to pick each song individually so it is hard to keep the flow of worship as you go back to the menu to choose the next song. The CD versions are great for worship or as background for games and activities.

This album was released by Integrity Music before the "Shout Praises Kids" series began. It has 15 high-energy contemporary praise songs that have a "dance club" feel that make them great background music for games and activities. It is currently still available for purchase from a variety of vendors.

WORSHIP MUSIC.COM   (online resource)

This online store is a great place to buy music from a variety of suppliers at a decent price. They also offer DVD's, sheet music and many other resources. All of the resources mentioned on this page can be purchased here, as well as many other great titles and products.

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