If you're looking for things that you can download and use, this is the right place.

Not everyone has a graphic artist or illustrator available that can create images and graphics for each lessons. It's great to know that there are resources out there that understand our need and provide materials on a variety of topics that we can download, print and use. They are great as support for your lessons or for those times that you need to keep the children occupied as you prepare for other activities.


If you would like to try out one of the lessons from our Kidco Labs series, go to the Curriculum area and click on the series, then just click on the 'download sample lesson' button. The files are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader to view and print.

KIDOLOGY.ORG   (membership site)

I believe strongly in this site and have been a member for several years. They offer everything from game ideas to sermon topics all at the click of a mouse. It is well worth the annual subscription fee and the monthly newsletter offers relevant articles on a variety of topics.

PAPA JAN.COMK   (free site with no login required)

This site has hundreds of coloring sheets that can be downloaded and printed from your computer. Its sheets for the various holidays, as well as sheets for most of the common Bible stories and characters. Simply click on the picture and print the larger version.

GROUP.COM   (ministry resources)

Group has many resources available for ministry and in the children's area they offer download samples of some of their curriculum to allow you to review before you buy.

ENCHANTED LEARNING   (subscription site on some items, but a lot of free downloads and information)

This site is well known to teachers and educators in the public school system. There are coloring sheets, activities and a lot of factual information broken down by topic.

FIRST SCHOOL   (free site with no login required)

I found this site originally looking for information about dinosaurs, but there are hundreds of coloring sheets about animals and nature. They are intended for children of preschool and younger children.

DISCOVERY EDUCATION   (online resource)

This site is sponsored and maintained by the Discovery Channel and is created for teachers to use as a supplement. There are images, puzzle makers, games and more that can be helpful in creating activity sheets for children or for decorating your environment. On the main site, there's also a lot of information about animals if you are studying creation and want to share some fun facts.

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