Are you feeling run down? Is your ministry sputtering along and needing more power? It's time for a tune-up!
by David Goebelbecker, Kidco Labs

No matter what size your ministry, there will be times that seem easier than others. If you what to make the most of all times and seasons, then you need to know the signs and what to do to be effective. Like your car, your ministry has many parts that work together and they need the right fuel to keep them powered up. It's time to check the gauges, pull in for a pit stop and fill up on the right fuel. Here are a few ideas that may help you add some zip to your ministry engine and help get things moving along again.

Check the gauge regularly

If you do not meet with your leaders on a regular basis, then it's time to start. Many of the people working with you have a lot of great ideas, comments, observations and suggestions. By having a regularly scheduled time—a time to pray, talk, laugh, plan (and of course eat!)—to touch base with everyone, you can expand your intake and allow a higher level of efficiency in each worker's performance.

Planning for a road trip

A car needs to take extended trips occasionally to keep the engine running efficiently. A ministry needs the same thing by taking a day to work with your leaders to plan for the road ahead. During this time, you should review the current routine of each component, from nursery through children's church. Then, look at an overview of what each would like to see happen in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and beyond. Start by brainstorming and coming up with the places that you'd like to visit during these times. Then, look at ways to get there.

Once everything is written down, discuss each one. You will want to look more at the "why"  than the "how" at first to determine how practical the idea is. You will find that many times that hidden behind what may seem like an off-the-wall suggestion is a need that if met can improve your ministry. Don't be afraid to ask why! Determine what will work, what you are going to do and what time line is most realistic.

Keys to Successful Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a free-association thinking process where an individual or group pursues thoughts and ideas without restrictions or guidelines to find new solutions. As ideas are shared, they are written down and discussed at the end of the brainstorming session. But this is only the start of the creative process.

You will find that many of the ideas that can come out from brainstorming are not always practical from a budgetary sense, but that's okay. Thinking big can lead to better solutions, offer goals for future growth and help start a fire to generate even more creative solutions.

Making adjustments and fine tuning

With timeline in hand, start to recruit the people that you will need. It doesn't matter if it is a big promotion, like a vacation Bible school over the summer, or just painting a nursery. Every task needs to have someone assigned to it and a time line to get it done. Recruit the people that you need for each task and use the leadership that you have to help coordinate the work. Look for people that are not currently involved with other ministries as much as possible. As an old pastor of mine used to say, "A lamb only has so much fleece" so don't burden the over-burdened.

Get back on the road

Once you have planned, discussed, laughed, prayed and eaten, it's time to get back to what you do best—ministering to children. With the ministry check-up behind you, you should be able to blaze along with a renewed power and sense of direction. Don't forget to check the gauges from time to time to make sure everything is still working as planned, but all in all, you should be able to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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