God loves people so much that He will go to any extreme to help them understand His plan, His will and the extent of His love. Throughout time, God has tried to speak to people using different methods. One of the most interesting is through the animals that at times were more obedient than the humans that God was trying to reach.

In this series, we will travel through the different times and places in the Bible where it seemed that when people where being too stubborn, God had to use animals to help convey His message. From the floating zoo that Noah built to the Pharaohs of Egypt, there have been times that only a few could hear God's voice and obeyed.

As we journey through the stories of the Bible, we will learn more about God's love, His plan for people's lives and about the animals that He created. We will also find that as we open our hearts and our lives to obey God's voice that the most exciting adventures begin!

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