There is nothing that gets the ball rolling like the perfect game... literally!

Kids love games. As one that works with kids, I love using the right game at the right time to help raise the energy level of the class, get the kids involved and help to take the lesson in a different direction. However, finding the right games can be difficult, but not impossible if you know where to look.

Although there are many more sites like this out there, I have found some that I continue to visit when I am looking for game ideas.

KIDOLOGY.ORG   (membership site)

This site has a wealth of knowledge and there are literally hundreds of game ideas available for members and the best part is that you can search for them by topic. Members have submitted many of the games so the list is always growing. The time you save is worth the cost of membership.

AMAZING MOMS.COM   (free site)

This site has game ideas under 'parties', 'playtime' and 'family fun' that may be better suited to small groups, but they can be adapted to teams or competition between small groups. It is also a good resource to offer to parents for information.

GAMES KIDS PLAY   (free site)

This site offers a variety of games with low cost supplies or standard household items. Many of these games are simple enough to be adapted to any theme or topic.


This site is filled with party game ideas submitted by readers. It's a good place to look for themed ideas for using smaller groups of children.

TODAY'S PARENT.COM   (free site)

This site is not only a good resource for game and activity ideas, but also offers helpful advice for parents. It's a good resource to offer parents, too.

ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY   (online resource for games to purchase)

If you have the time and the money, there are many carnival style games available for purchase with several themes. These are great for weekly competitions, or for carnivals and special events.

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