It's our goal to make things easier for you, so here are some resources that can really help you out!

Creativity is infectious. Once you start finding new and creative things, you won't want to stop. The problem is that being creative takes time and energy to do the research and find the right materials. The Internet has become a priceless tool to make finding information faster, but not all of it is what you need. Once you find those jewels, it's important to let others know about them. That is why we created this Resource Center.

This area of our site will constantly be evolving as we add new online resource links, expand our list of articles and offer tips and tricks to take some of the worry and pain out of ministry. If you see something that has helped you out or have questions about a topic, please let us know. We want to help you out.


Whether you are in charge of a small group, a large group or one of those that has to wear many hats, the following resources can help you out. Each link contains solid materials on related topics to help you save time, effort and energy with the administrative side of ministry so you have time for what really matters—ministering to children and having fun doing it.


Worship should be more than just good music, it should be a part of life, so we have listed resources that we have used regularly at Kidco Labs. We understand that there are many other resources available for praise and worship, but we feel that these are some of the best for ministry today.


If you are looking for places to find new and different game ideas, this is the place to start. Many of these sites have games submitted by teachers, leaders and parents and are simple enough to adapt to any environment. They are sure to add excitement to any lesson plan.


There come times in every ministry where you need something fast and each of these links offers resources that can be downloaded over any computer and are ready to use. You'll find sample lessons that are ready to use, as well as coloring sheets for the children or images for creating your own activity sheets.


This area is dedicated to keeping you informed, inspired and interested by offering helpful tips, insights and information on a number of topics. We plan to add additional articles and resources each quarter so make sure you come back and visit again.


If you find these resources helpful please let us know. We'd love to hear from you. And if you have any other topics that you think we should cover, questions about something that you read or have other resources that you want us to add to the list and share, please let us know via email at

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