In Matthew, Jesus called the disciples "fishers of men". Each of them understood the title, since they were fishermen or familiar with the diversity of fish in the sea. They also knew the kinds of fish that were considered to be good and which to avoid. If we, as Christians, want to claim this title, we need to know more about the type of "fish" swimming around us every day and what to do with them.

In this 13-week series, we explore the ocean depths and all God's creatures living there. As we journey, we will find many similarities between these fish and the different types of people God created. We might even learn a thing or two about ourselves as well. We will learn how to swim confidently with all the other "fish", take a lesson in humility from a whale, learn to lend a hand from an octopus, and even share some playtime with the dolphin. But remember to avoid the crabs and the sharks. By the end of the series, you'll be swimming through life with confidence.

To view a sample lesson or the series overview, click on one of the links below. This is just a drop in the bucket. There is an ocean of possibilities that awaits you and will leave you thirsty for more of God.

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  • 13 fish-themed lesson plans containing object lessons, games, activities and more, in a 300-page, full-color binder

  • 13 editable lessons for each week (Microsoft Word and Rich Text formats)

  • Leader's Resource CD containing printable lesson support materials, object lesson materials, games, promotional materials and more! (Microsoft Word, Rich Text, PowerPoint or PDF Formats)

  • Leader's forms for tracking child information, attendance and points earned through participation, as well as service order, announcements and prayer request sheets

  • Editable promotional materials—posters, flyers, Post cards and invitations (Microsoft Word and Rich Text formats)

  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint templates

  • Weekly memory verse graphics for PowerPoint or printed format with activities to make memorizing fun

  • Group games and activities to allow the children time to interact and work together

  • Weekly topical offering object lessons to help the children understand the importance of giving

  • Suggestions for transforming your classroom environment

  • Ready-to-use art for large format banners (large format printer/plotter or print vendor needed)

  • Printable iron-on transfer art and instructions for T-shirts and hats (PDF format)

  • Note: Shirts and hats not included

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