God has sent out a call. Are you ready to respond? This mission, if you choose to accept it, is designed to help you spend time with Jesus like you have never done before. Each lesson is designed to stimulate growth and develop a practical understanding of what it really means to be a disciple of Christ. This is all in preparation for the ultimate mission reaching people in your community.

In this 13-week series, you will find everything you need to prepare and lead the children in your ministry through a 40-day program. You will find guides and suggestions to help you prepare for the series and 5 weeks of lessons that set the tone for the 40-day mission. After that, each weekly lesson instructs the children as they complete their daily assignments reaching out in the community for the remainder of the program.

This series can be used in conjunction with a church-wide program, or as an independent outreach. Either way, it will be 40 days spent like never before. We guarantee that any selfish notions will self-destruct by the time you complete this series. Your mission is ready to begin now...

A Note About Operation Agape: 40 Days With Jesus:

Kidco Labs partnered with Operation Light Force to produce this unique series that makes it possible for the children to impact their local community. It was created to be used either in conjuction to a church-wide 40-day program or as a stand-alone series.

For more information about Operation Agape, Operation Light Force or to purchase one of their 40-day programs for adults, teens and children, go to

To purchase your copy of this series, go to the Operation Light Force web site and then click on the links that lead you to the series page.

You will also need to order a copy for each child of the companion book titled Operation Agape: 40 Days With Jesus that contains the daily missions during the 40-day program.

  • 13 Agent-based Printable Lesson Plans (PDF format)

  • 13 Editable Lessons for each week (Microsoft Word required)

  • Customizable Promotional Postcards (Microsoft Word required)

  • PowerPoint Templates

  • Leader's Resource materials such as point tracking, attendance and child registration information

  • Weekly Memory Verses in PowerPoint or printed format along with activities to make learning fun

  • Group games and additional resources for each lesson

  • Weekly topical offering/object lessons

  • Printable iron-on transfer art of series logos (PDF format)

  • NOTE: T-shirts and Hats not included.

    Download Series Overview
    (384 KB PDF file)

    Click Here To Download Sample Lesson
    (650 KB PDF file)

    Click here for Sample Lesson and All Lesson Support Files
    (2.7 MB ZIP file containing PDF lesson, memory verse, certificates, Letter from Headquarters and editable Word document of sample lesson plan.)

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